About John wyatt

“He does a kind of magic thing with space.” John Wyatt’s work elicits that sentiment because his numerous projects over a 20-year career are built on  fundamental understanding of  how need translates into spaces which together with  close client collaboration results in amazing spaces and utterly engaging buildings.

“Structure is at  the heart of my thinking, many  of my clients  share that joy in understanding how structure works to inform the function and feel  of the spaces”, he adds “It’s like that simple pleasure of putting up a stick in a blanket to make a den as a child.”

That openness of design derived from close work with both clients and quality suppliers resulted in the award winning conversion of  a 19th century Chichester Grade II listed grain store, the 400msq dilapidated building providing two beautiful spacious apartments. 

“We found that the design combined his experience, flair and technical expertise but left us with a sense of ownership that it was ‘our’ very personal project,” 

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